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Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd is a high-performance engineering design services business, with a multi-disciplinary team of design and performance engineers.

PES Performance is based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Sheffield, Yorkshire alongside some of the world’s most advanced organisations in the research and development of advanced manufacturing technology.

Our PES pedigree is born out of Formula One and we have worked with teams such as Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, and Williams. From this foundation, we believe ‘in the detail’; pushing the boundaries, performance optimisation and being right first time in everything we do and deliver.

We have delivered high quality and technologically advanced solutions in engineering and tooling design. We work in many sectors including motorsport, aerospaceautomotive, elite sports, energymarine, medical technology, and many others.

Our team has developed their skill in high-performance engineering environments. We, therefore, have a broad spectrum of engineering and manufacturing knowledge. This provides us with the ability to problem solve at all levels and cross-pollinate technologies from other sectors.

PES Performance is an engineering design services business that aims to create real benefits to our clients’ profitability. We do this by providing solutions and supporting them to turn a new concept into a reality, or by developing an existing product. PES applies the same design knowledge, whether it is a simple tooling design project for a mass or low volume product or a full R&D project to optimise an aerospace part.

We can only communicate so much through our website so please just pick up the phone. No matter how small or complex your challenge we will be very happy to talk it through with you.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be THE global engineering solutions brand most respected across advanced manufacturing industries for our people, partnerships and performance.

Through the expertise, capability, and creativity of our team, we will continually strive to deliver outstanding solutions for our clients.

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Quality Philosophy

The first stage of a medium to large engineering design services project is the scoping stage. This allows the client to fully agree on a defined project approach from the beginning and ensures we maintain expectations for standards and quality.

Once signed-off we move to the development and delivery stages. There can be five or more stages depending on the complexity of the project and deliverables. We deliver, review and sign off each stage before proceeding to the next level. This approach is particularly important in research & development (R&D) environments as neither the client or PES can 100% guarantee the outcome. There may be multiple outcomes, (including IP opportunities), and realising the full expectations of the original concept may not be achievable. This can be due to restrictions on the technology available or the project budget.

Due to this environment, communication and the staged approach is crucial. PES always looks to take ownership, (with the client’s permission) to drive the project from start to conclusion. If at any time we move from the original brief, we will revisit the project and expectations.

To ensure the quality of project delivery, we create a culture of collaboration and trust with our clients. Innovation is continuous and cyclical, which means our process will generally only stop when the client no longer wishes to further evolve a particular product or process.

Our team will always challenge the ‘norm’ and respectfully question our clients’ approach to a solution.  This ensures a robust decision process and maintains the quality of the solution.  We also look to understand the challenges, the people, and the requirements to deliver simple, but evolving solutions.


Siemens NX CAD software

Our engineering team use Siemens NX software. This industry-leading software provides integrated product design, engineering and manufacturing solutions including;

• Key capabilities for fast, efficient and flexible product development:
• Advanced solutions for conceptual design, 3D modelling and documentation
• Multi-discipline simulation for structural, motion, thermal, flow and multi-physics applications
• Complete part manufacturing solutions for tooling, machining, and quality inspection

NX software allows our team to design, simulate and manufacture products faster. It enables design decisions to be made in an integrated product development environment.


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The team have provided solutions for UAV composite propellers, the F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) project, and reverse engineering projects, with our blue light scanning service.

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