3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Modelling

What we can offer

  • We have a large amount of 3D computer-aided design experience producing models for applications such as:
    • Composite part and mandrel design.
    • Hydraulic part and pipework design.
    • Structural metalwork design.
    • Injection and vacuum molded part design.
  • Our preferred in-house software for CAD is Siemens NX. We also have Solidworks CAD software that we can use as required.
  • We can support work using all common neutral CAD formats and can produce STL and rapid surfaced models from our 3D scanners.

What is CAD modeling?

  • 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is a 3D virtual model of your concept or product design. Using CAD we will digitise your designs into a 3D format and turn your new idea into a realistic, dimensionally accurate model.
  • CAD is essential to produce accurate visualisations, prototypes and final design for manufacture. The model can be designed from a ‘blank sheet’ or using 3D scanned data. All aspects of the design will be refined and developed, including functional parts, styling, and production feasibility.
  • CAD work is completed with ‘Design for Manufacture (DFM) in mind from the start and producing 3D CAD models of existing & proposed works is a cost-effective way of identifying and resolving potential challenges prior to the construction phase of a project.
  • Detailed manufacturing drawings and material /parts lists can be generated from 3D models, utilising the 3D model as the source for drawing for manufacture ensures updates can be created and reviewed rapidly.
  • During the design development process, the 3D model is issued for review in a format which can be easily navigated by our client and is used to ‘sign off’ the design prior to moving to the next stages all the information can be archived until required.
  • To gather accurate data for existing installations or part we also offer 3D scanning as part of our reverse engineering and planned preventive maintenance (PPM) support.

If you would like to discuss your project and how our 3D computer-aided design solutions can help you, then please call us for a chat at +44 (0) 114 321 6375 or email with your enquiry. 





The team have provided solutions for UAV composite propellers, the F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) project, and reverse engineering projects, with our blue light scanning service.

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