Full Throttle Performance – ‘First For Business’ article

PES Engineering Design Director, Fleetcroft was interviewed by ‘First For Business’ magazine about the first two year’s of the companies existence. Here is an excerpt from the article;

A conversation with Dan Fleetcroft is like being driven round Silverstone in a Formula One car: exhilarating, challenging and bloody good fun in equal measure.

If he occasionally takes a corner too late, or finds himself throttling back a little too hard, he reacts instinctively and the
conversation is backup to speed.“Where were we?” he asks after taking a brief but illuminating detour around the aerodynamics of motorcycle fairings. He is asking me?

Dan is one half of Performance Engineered Solutions Ltd (PES). The other half is former bomb disposal expert, Royal Navy diver and Operations Director Mike Maddock, who is out on the road meeting a client to talk composites when we meet.We are in the headquarters of PES: a large, open plan office in the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), Rotherham, where they are near neighbours of Adrian Allen and Keith Ridgway, the founders of, and driving force behind, the Advanced  Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).

The relationship between the two organisations and the four men is clearly a close one.They all breathe the same high octane, can-do atmosphere that has made the AMRC a model that government has tried to export to other parts of the country. Dan talks about Adrian and Keith in almost the same way he talks about John Barnard, his early mentor and the presiding engineering genius at Ferrari in the early to mid 1990s.

Read the full article here; FFB – Ones to Watch – Dan Fleetcroft

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