PES Blog: Introducing Business Cost Reduction (BCR)

Performance Engineered Solutions Ltd key focus is to deliver performance enhancing solutions to our clients to optimise efficiency and performance of their business through Design and engineering support and consultancy . This can be through more efficient manufacturing processes or employing new technologies to their equipment, process, product or all three.

When working with our clients, during the initial brief and scoping stage of any engineering design project, we look at what the client is looking to achieve and how we can ultimately make the business more competitive in their market and maximise bottom line profits.

Once we have maximised the opportunities through the Engineering Design process with the adoption of new technologies to maximise performance of the product or the process, we still come back to the same challenges from our clients. “Through the adoption of new technologies and processes we have become more efficient and updated our products. However we still have the challenge of high business cost proportionate to some of our competitors over seas of course this process can continue as the business evolves.”

The key questions:

  • How can I reduce my operating costs?
  • How do I know when I have the best deal available?
  • Who can support me to continually review opportunities?
  • How can identify business cost savings through new initiatives or green technologies?
  • My business is expanding and I want  to move to new premises but don’t know what’s involved or how much it will be?
  • I don’t have the time or the experience to start looking for cost savings?
  • Why can’t I get the deals that bigger competitors get?
  • I can’t afford to employ someone else?

One thing that has become evident is that even business with an FD and or finance team do not have the time or the knowledge of the complex cost market to identify cost savings or carry out market analysis to understand if they are in fact getting the best deals for their business. Small business owners have even less time and cost reduction, wrongly or rightly gets pushed down the priority list. When they do get to the point of negotiation they rarely have the purchasing leverage to get the best deals as well as having limited understanding of what similar business have negotiated.

To that end we decided that we would implement a solution to not only complement our current services but assist our existing and new clients review their costs. By passing the cost of this service back to the suppliers looking for new clients we are able to provide this complete service for no cost to our clients

Our team has operated in multiple business sectors and has over 20 years’ experience operation at Senior Management level in large blue chip organisations and have  the skills to not only offer engineering solutions but also give advice on business efficiencies.

Due to the continual requests that we receive for this service we have now introduced a business cost reduction solution to complement our design and engineering support.  To manage this process for our clients and to ensure we have a dedicated resource focusing only on our clients business cost we needed to introduce a full time specialist to the team.

Neville Snell has now joined the PES Team as Director of Client Business Services. Neville has a strong track record in the management of complex businesses and has held a number of Senior Board positions including his last role as CEO of a multi-million pound service organisation. Through his varied experience and knowledge of driving efficiencies resulting in higher profit margins, he is able to assist the majority of businesses identify opportunities.  Once these have been identified his able to access prices that are normally unavailable to most businesses’ as he can leverage his high client and purchasing power.

Mike and Neville have worked together in a variety of companies, working on projects to drive business processes as well as managing high performing teams. Both Mike and Neville believe that their shared vision of increased performance though business solutioning (both commercial and engineering) is key to success for the majority of businesses in the UK and abroad today.

Find out more about our Business Cost Reduction services.

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