PES Performance encourage students to ‘Achieve More’

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A new curriculum initiative that will see University of Sheffield students team up with businesses to tackle key global challenges has been given the thumbs up from PES Performance.

In a first for a UK university, ‘Achieve More’ will give businesses and organisations the opportunity to work in partnership with talented students and expert academics on projects that can make a difference to society around the world.

The idea behind the ‘Achieve More’ scheme was developed from the successful Global Engineering Challenge, which has been taking place in the University’s Faculty of Engineering since 2011. Projects encourage students to think outside their own specialism and work alongside professional industry experts, resulting in life-changing initiatives.

Past projects included research into alternative fuel sources for a small community in India and encouraging students further with final projects in the invention of a window handle for people suffering with arthritis.

Mike Maddock, managing director at Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd, who is an advocate of this type of scheme having given presentations for the Global Engineering Challenge, said: “Employers need to see that students have a level of maturity and have taken positive steps to improve their experience and have an understanding how ‘real world’ companies operate.

“Companies should take the time to engage with students and support the University as this type of professional relationship should be part of their medium to longer term strategy.

“A company’s biggest asset is its people and the key skills they bring to the organisation. If we do not give young people the right skills, across many sectors, then ultimately business and the British economy will suffer.”

The innovative scheme will become a compulsory part of all degree courses, across every faculty and year group, and will set Sheffield students apart in regards to boosting their employability and work-based skills.

To find out more visit Achieve More webpage.

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