Heart of Steel Sculpture

The Yorkshire Steel Man project aims to locate a 30-metre-high stainless-steel sculpture and visitor above the M1 Junction 34, near the Tinsley viaduct. The project plans to signpost the new technologies that will secure the region’s future, whilst also honouring the people and places in Yorkshire that forged a world-wide historical legacy in industries such as coal and steel.

As part of fundraising activities for the Steel Man, the steel heart concept was developed. This would be a metal heart that would be located inside the Steel Man sculpture, with the names of thousands of supporters engraved on it for the future. A heart sculpture piece was designed in the same design as the Steel Man and with a classic heart shape.

The challenge was to reproduce the original 300mm heart-shaped model which had been designed in brown packing tape into something that could be reproduced at a larger size and in metal

The PES Scanning team used 3D optical scanning equipment to accurately capture the model, and from the data acquired, a CAD model was produced so that our engineering team could adapt the model design for production.

A first Heart model. 3.5 metres high was produced and located in the Minster Gardens, next to Rotherham Minster in the town’s centre.

As the project continued, a partnership was forged with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) which would provide funds both for the charity and the Steel Man project. The main heart was then commissioned; the different production methods necessitating a second design for manufacture whilst retaining the overall look and feel of the original heart design.

The design from the PES Performance engineers was manufactured by Doncasters Bramah Ltd, using Inconel supplied by Maher Ltd. Names of the donors are added to the Heart each month by Pryor Marking Technology.

In the short term, the Heart has been installed in Meadowhall shopping centre. The long-term goal is for the metal Heart to be placed inside the Steel Man when it is completed.



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