Product Optimisation Enhances Industrial Client

Engineers from PES Performance have helped client BGB Innovation to make improvements to their design, production and manufacturing processes.

The improvements have provided their customers greater flexibility, whilst enabling BGB’s specialist engineers to focus on value engineering and leveraging further supply chain opportunities. 

One example of this new approach is in the design improvements made to a product in their Slip Ring range. A Slip Ring is an electromechanical device that allows electrical, optical and hydraulic connections to be made through rotating components.

The Mk10D Slipring Hub Assembly first went into production in 2016. The Slip Ring locates onto a wind turbine gearbox shaft and passes electrical power and signals through the rotating shaft that is attached to the blade.

PES engineers undertook an analysis of the product and its manufacturing process, incorporating enhancements into the revised design and production. Previously the slip rings were produced via a resin moulding process; the new design now uses injection moulded components which are more cost-effective for volume manufacture. The injection moulded components can also be more easily recycled at the end of the slip ring’s operational life.

Another advantage of the new assemblies is that they are now of a modular design, and components can be shipped across the world for assembly. Being of modular design provides greater flexibility and allows the slip ring to be built to the customer’s specific requirements. The new layout also makes it easier to strip the assemblies back to their base components for maintenance or repairs.

Dave Gilbert, Group Technical Director at BGB said; “The inclusion of PES as a valued Business Partner, enabled BGB to initiate the project, providing valuable expert resources to the design and prototyping team.

“The project has helped to support and accelerate the introduction of a new approach to BGB’s design solutions. It has also increased the capability of BGB by introducing a flexible and collaborative working solution to our company.”



The team have provided solutions for UAV composite propellers, the F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) project, and reverse engineering projects, with our blue light scanning service.

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