“We make it our business to stay aware and remain at the front end of technologies as they evolve, giving us to the best possible opportunities to deliver a solution for our clients”


The PES team have extensive experience of delivering performance solutions to multiple industry sectors. This has been gained from working in varied engineering environments, allowing us to ‘cross pollinate’ technologies across sectors to ensure the right solution is delivered to our clients by matching their performance criteria, using the tools and experience at our disposal.

Please review below the main sectors in which we work, however our work is not limited to these areas.

No matter what sector we are operating, there are always five core areas that will always apply.

  1. Engineering knowledge
  2. Experience
  3. Design principles
  4. Materials knowledge
  5. Manufacturing


The PES team is based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP); the UK’s premier advanced manufacturing technology park, and arguably one of the most advanced, forward thinking parks of this kind in the world.

Amongst the world-class research organisations based here is the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing. For a company to be located on the park they must satisfy strict selection criteria to ensure they meet the advanced technological requirements to be on the AMP.

The AMP and AMRC is supported by industry leading companies such as Rolls-Royce, Boeing, BAe Systems and Areva, to name a few. PES was born out of the AMRC and we make it our business to stay aware and remain at the front edge of technologies as they evolve. This gives us the best possible opportunities to deliver optimum solutions for our clients. As a team we also ensure we are involved in R&D projects, such as the bio-composite research project we completed in partnership with the AMRC and TEKS UK Ltd.




The team have provided solutions for UAV composite propellers, the F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) project, and reverse engineering projects, with our blue light scanning service.

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