Performance Engineered Solutions has a background deeply rooted in high-performance engineering with a pedigree to match. Our engineering design team’s skills were developed in the high-performance engineering design environment of Formula 1 motorsport.

Our Technical Director, Dan Fleetcroft, was trained and mentored for 15 years by John Barnard, arguably one of the all-time great Formula 1 designers. Together they designed and worked with many teams on the grid before John latterly diversified into supporting many other commercial sectors.

The senior PES  Performance team has a combined experience of over 38 years working and designing for the major motorsport teams. These included Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Williams and Kenny Roberts racing to name a few.

The team has developed its engineering design capabilities working in this incredibly exacting environment where performance, innovation, speed, ‘right time first time’ and delivery are always the norm. Also, where once the race has started, the process begins all over again.

Our team has designed and delivered for numerous teams in motorsport, including exhaust systems and aerodynamic bodywork sections for cars and for MotoGP. In the last two years alone, the team has delivered two MotoGP projects.

Through our unrivaled multidisciplinary skills across motorsports, we can drive the performance of your equipment through optimisation and innovation. We have utilised our F1 ethos, with the continual drive to maximise performance, across multiple engineering sectors to deliver innovative solutions for our clients.





Performance Engineered Solutions has a background deeply rooted in high performance engineering with a pedigree to match.

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